I’m very pleased to welcome your interest in this rewarding and high-potential role at the head of our paid service. Bedford’s been getting on with getting better for over a decade; and I must pay tribute to the consistently far-sighted leadership of our recently retired Chief Executive, Philip Simpkins, whose sustained contribution to making Bedford a great place is hugely appreciated by members, colleagues and residents alike.

In the face of possibly the most significant challenge in a century, the response of local government across the UK has been deeply impressive. In Bedford, we’re proud of the part we’ve played in the acute phase of the pandemic, but we know that developing our (already strong) place-shaping capacity will become even more important as our community recovers from COVID. Our interim Chief Executive, Terry Collins, has already made practical and significant progress in this area, and there will be plenty of forward momentum for his substantive successor to build on.

I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking to individuals who can demonstrate tangible leadership, high levels of strategic intelligence, a strong ethical framework, and the ability to engage and inspire colleagues at every level. With the advent of the East West rail connection in the coming years, Bedford is set to be a locus of high growth and huge potential; and I want our new Chief Executive to bring personal and professional qualities commensurate with this exceptional opportunity.

We have retained Solace in Business to support us in making this important appointment. Please contact Steve Guest on 020 7976 3311 to express your interest or to arrange a confidential discussion.

Dave Hodgson MBE
Dave Hodgson MBE
Elected Mayor, Bedford Borough
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